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Creatively Selling Luxury Real Estate

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Global Luxury Real Estate Plan

You can sell your luxury real estate directly to us, creatively refinance the note to keep your luxury property or sell your luxury real estate to a retail buyer.

We can help with all of the above.

Likewise, there are various methods for someone to buy property. Before we discuss the first two strategies for selling luxury real estate, let’s first describe the point on selling luxury real estate to retail buyers (general public).

Without an international marketing effort, selling luxury real estate will pose limitations.

In other words, without access to Chinese luxury property buyers, you are missing a larger part of the luxury real estate buyers out there.

Know Your Buyer…

So, if you plan to sell your luxury real estate consider a real estate professional that has access to overseas Chinese clients.

It is estimated that there is five trillion dollars of wealth in China…expected to triple.

Take it from us…much of that Chinese wealth is seeking America real estate investment and luxury property.

The main barrier for Chinese investment currently remains the long travel distance and the fear of the unknown when it comes to the American culture.

For this reason, a high degree of Chinese private investment is directed toward Australia.

In addition, Chinese investors seeking to obtain a permanent ‘green-card’ through the EB-5 program are limited because the U.S. government visa program through EB-5 creates various roadblocks for the Chinese.

Therefore, much of the Chinese investment for ‘green-card’ purposes is directed to Canada.

Why should you care and keep reading?

Simple…Chinese persons seeking permanent ‘green-cards’ are rich.

They want a ‘green card’ and they want to buy real estate.

In other words, they are looking to buy luxury real estate in San Francisco, New York, Chicago (the major U.S. markets).

How do we know this?

We have established relationships in China with real estate brokers and immigration companies while the fact remains Chinese immigration legal fees are costly.

Needless to say, these are buyers that can afford and want to buy luxury real estate.

Broaden your horizons when selling luxury real estate by selling property here. We can also help you reinvest any profits in other real estate investment.

The Short Keep…

HK Creative Investments is a turnkey real estate company.

We buy luxury real estate (or the note to your luxury real estate) located in San Francisco and downtown Chicago.

However, when it comes to luxury property…we also include other major U.S. markets too.

What do we do when we buy luxury real estate (or the note to luxury real estate)?

In this case, it is up to you.

In other words, you can choose to sell your luxury property and get on with your life or you may be interested in keeping your luxury property but with a better loan to value on the note.

How do we create a better loan to value (positive equity) so you can keep your luxury property? Not with a loan modification that’s for sure.

In most cases, the only winner in a loan modification is the bank…not you.

If you own luxury real estate that is currently worth less (market value) than the amount of money you currently owe on the mortgage and wish to keep your luxury property…a ‘short keep’ might benefit you.

This is like a short sale…but not exactly.

Without going into too much detail, we can buy the note to your luxury property from your current lender at a discounted price (bridge loan).

In the meantime, we will have you re-qualified for a loan with another lender (takeout lender).

The takeout lender will provide you the long term financing on the property.

The only difference is that we resell you the property at a price where you have on average twenty percent equity in the property (otherwise why would the takeout lender fund you).

In other words, when we buy the discounted note we create a positive equity scenario for the takeout lender so you don’t have to put any money down.

The caveat here remains your credit score.

In other words, to buy the luxury real estate back from us using the takeout funding will require you to qualify for a new loan with the long-term lender (takeout lender).

You go from being upside down (negative equity) on your luxury property to establishing a positive equity scenario for your long term wealth.

This luxury real estate strategy can be used when you want to keep (not sell) a luxury property where the amount of money owed to the bank is greater than the current property value.

How is this possible?

The One-Off…

This ‘short keep ‘opportunity remains possible because the notes securing luxury real estate many times are a “one-off.”

What’s a “one off?”

A “one-off” is a mortgage note that has not been pooled with other mortgages into a security and therefore, we can go in and attempt to buy that note from your lender directly…assuming the current lender will accept a discounted note purchase.

Because luxury real estate loans are typically ‘jumbo’ loans they are not regulated quite the same as other residential mortgages which are backed by Freddie and Fannie.

In short, with Freddie and Fannie backed ‘paper’ the person selling property (you) would not be permitted to take possession of the property again.

But because, we are dealing with luxury real estate and jumbo loans (typically), we can provide this little known strategy to help you keep your luxury property.

It all depends on what you want to do (keep or sell), personal credit score and the current amount of money owed on your mortgage note versus the actual luxury real estate market value.

One way or another, pick your luxury real estate solution here…we can help.

Real Estate Brokers…

What about real estate brokers?

Usually we do not buy property when a real estate broker is involved. Especially when using our ‘short keep’ strategy.

We typically work directly with property owners.

However, with a luxury real estate transaction we do make an exception if you are already listing the property with a real estate broker (for sale) and where you owe more money to the bank than your property is worth (short sale).

In this case, your local real estate broker would continue to market your luxury property for sale while we would attempt to buy the note securing your luxury property from the current lender at a discount.

When we are able to buy the note from your lender at a discount, the real estate broker will have an easier time selling property to a retail buyer at the true market value.

It’s a win for all parties.

The real estate broker gets paid their commission, your lender gets rid of a problem on their books, you get on with your life and we get paid in the note ‘spread’ (not from you).

Otherwise, in a luxury real estate transaction where you wish to keep the property (and with good credit score) there is no need for a real estate broker.

Luxury Real Estate Simplified…

In a nutshell, if you are seeking to sell luxury real estate…contact us first.

Not only do we buy luxury real estate (or the note to luxury real estate), we work with top luxury real estate brokers.

Don’t forget, we provide luxury real estate marketing opportunity for buyers located in China.

When it comes to luxury real estate, there’s more than one way to ‘skin a cat.’ Start discussing your luxury real estate solution here today.