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Real Estate Investment
Big and Small Real Estate Investment

Are you a single individual, private family office or private equity fund seeking to strengthen your real estate investment portfolio?

Not a bad idea. We offer TurnKey real estate investment solutions with your needs in mind.

Our segregated accounts platform was flexibly designed to act as a real estate fund of funds for larger master funds or REITs.

In addition, the same TurnKey 1-3-7 structure accommodates real estate investment for the smaller individual investor and private family office as well.

Whether it’s syndication or a single client, our TurnKey real estate investment solutions coordinate the efforts of the nation’s top specialists.

Real estate investment is officially a specialty.

Real Estate Investment
Why does central banking and asset protection matter in real estate today more than ever before?

Simple…because if we know what the Federal Reserve prescribes as monetary policy we can position investments to maximize wealth.

The tax and risk management reasons for asset protection are obvious. What may be less obvious is that the correct asset protection will facilitate real estate investment deal flow of all sizes.

What do we mean by deal flow?

Without going into too much detail, just know that the government has imposed regulations on how the transfer of real estate is handled. In short, in some cases (specifically with distressed property), there are restrictions as to how soon after we purchased a property that we can subsequently resell that same property.

Our TurnKey 1-3-7 process enables the purchase of any real estate investment to take place using one of our segregated LLC’s. The subsequent sale of that real estate investment can be the sale of the real estate itself or it can be the sale of membership interests in the LLC that owns the real estate investment.
Real Estate
When buying distressed property for real estate investment, knowing how to work within these regulations and using the proper asset structure will come in handy.

Not only that; what about when we lend money to an investor who plans on buying distressed property to fix it up and then resell it?

Indeed, these same resale risks affect the private lender and the title company on that deal.


Not all of our real estate investment clients will want asset protection. If you are planning to manage your own real estate investment, you can choose to simply buy property or secured notes from us. How you then handle protecting your wealth beyond that is up to you.

If you are planning real estate investment with us on an ongoing basis or require management of your real estate investment, then Inner Circle Membership will be the most cost effective solution for you.

Real Estate Investment
TurnKey 1-3-7 is uniquely structured as a real estate fund of funds because it allows the LLC Member the benefit of acting as a sole individual, private family office, REIT or master private equity fund…your choice.

TurnKey 1-3-7 allows us to utilize a TurnKey structure internally…our competitive advantage. 

TurnKey1-3-7 can service a one-time client's single real estate investment purchase or a fund pool's (syndication) building and operating a multi-tenant property.

In short, as the Member of the LLC, our client maintains the highest degree of oversight and control over their money while TurnKey 1-3-7 handles the day to
day execution.

As far as any of our Inner Circle Members go, all real estate investment is handled through segregated Delaware based LLC’s. This structure is part of what we use to execute our strategy in the field.  

Real estate investment assumes one knows the cyclical market data…especially at the local level. For investors seeking leveraged appreciation, the first thing to look for is momentum. In short, know your real estate market cycle risk to accurately price any real estate deal. 

Moreover, know what real estate market type your real estate investment is in: a high momentum cyclicality market, an equilibrium market or a long term secular downtrend market. 

Real Estate Investment
Likewise, a balanced real estate investment strategy does not limit the investor to only buying property.

Investors realize that purchasing quality secured notes may allow for higher returns with less ‘brain damage.’

In short, making money like a bank’s secondary market.

Real estate investment also assumes that one knows the three ways to determine asset value (price).

Note: ARV stands for “after repair value”
Whether buying real estate or buying notes (1st lien position) secured by real estate, calculating the ‘stabilized value’ (ARV) of a real estate investment is priceless.

And finally, real estate investment assumes an investor can quickly and accurately calculate the debt constant (loan constant) on the loan if the investor is planning to use financing on any real estate investment.

Debt Constant…

What is the Cap Rate relative to the loan’s debt constant?

In other words, the Cap Rate must be greater than the loan debt constant so as to establish a ‘positive leverage’ scenario. The loan constant is not the same thing as the interest rate.

Real Estate Investment

Any reader who does not understand every bit of what this means, do not start real estate investment alone.

For the reader who is a private equity fund or REIT manager…you already know this. Just know all this and more is what HK Creative Investments looks at when judging a real estate investment.

Real estate investment can be quite predictable with the right team and information. Contact HK Creative Investments today to start coordinating a real estate investment budget and strategy that fits your needs.