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Real Estate Fund
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Why a real estate fund of funds structure?

We believe there are several reasons for using a real estate fund like structure. Before we comment on the reasons, let’s first review the benefits of our TurnKey 1-3-7 real estate fund like solution.

If you are simply seeking to acquire one single tenant real estate investment property without a further need for property management…a real estate fund solution may not be necessary.

If you are an accredited investor, family office, master real estate fund or REIT manager…then our real estate fund of funds solution may be the right fit to help grow your existing portfolio.

As we all know, a real estate fund can be anything from an LP, LLC, Corporation or even a REIT.

In an LP the investors are called ‘limited partners,’ in an LLC the investors are called ‘members,’ in a Corporation the investors are called ‘shareholders.’
Real Estate Fund

In each of these scenarios, the real estate fund may comprise a single ‘investor’ or it may comprise a group of multiple ‘investors’ so long as it adheres to certain SEC guidelines or applies for the appropriate exemptions.

An investor can determine if they are interested in a real estate fund that accommodates a single investor or a real estate fund that is a shared risk pool of multiple investors (syndication).

Is TurnKey 1-3-7 a real estate fund? We are designed as a real estate fund of funds for a parent client. That parent client can be you personally, your self-directed IRA, family office, an existing master real estate fund or REIT, or even a sovereign wealth fund.

In addition, our structure allows us to create a real estate fund via a private placement if needed.

In a sense, we are designed to be part of a master fund’s feeder structure.

We utilize a simple, yet specialized segregated accounts structure that allows us to service a diverse range of investment clients…so long as they are investing in real estate.

Typically, a client such as a master real estate fund wants to maintain oversight and control over important financial matters. The same holds true for a high net worth client or family office.
Our TurnKey 1-3-7 real estate fund of funds platform utilizes segregated Delaware LLC’s which allow a client the financial oversight and disclosure they demand.

In a nutshell, each segregated real estate fund of funds is a ‘wholly owned’ subsidiary of a parent company.

Because the parent real estate fund or investor is the sole Member of one of our segregated Delaware subsidiaries, that parent Member can decide to use their subsidiary in whatever capacity needed.

The segregated Delaware LLC can hold certain assets for the parent Member…or the LLC can quit claim the assets to hold at the parent company.

It all depends on what the individual needs of the parent client or master real estate fund are.

Real Estate

We structured a segregated accounts real estate fund of funds platform so as not to comingle the needs of different types of clients.

Typically, a real estate fund will have a separate management company that is responsible for executing the real estate fund’s strategy…as do we.

Introduced here is the basic view of a management structure we typically reserve for our Inner Circle Members. You can apply this if you are buying only one property too…it’s simply a matter of scale.

As any investor or real estate fund manager would agree...we’re in business to make money; not lose money.

Therefore, we offer a vertically integrated real estate investment solution with both our needs and the private client in mind.

In short, TurnKey 1-3-7 allows us to mitigate risk and control what we need… which is the day to day execution.

Likewise, TurnKey 1-3-7 allows you as the client to control what you need…your money.

A simplified view of income vs. expenses allows a client their daily, weekly or monthly financial oversight.

We have created a TurnKey real estate fund like structure that allows us to compete for real estate investments of all sizes and on a budget that makes sense.

We service a niche that is time and cost prohibitive for a typical real estate brokerage to attempt while remaining ideally suited for the well-capitalized client to leverage our local resources.

Our real estate fund like structure offers unique advantages over the traditional real estate company…many of which are now a dinosaur. Some of the remaining benefits for using a real estate fund like structure are:

For those seeking to invest in a real estate fund pool, obviously you must meet the minimum net worth requirements for accredited investors set forth by the Securities Act of 1933 as used in Regulation D.

In addition, if you are currently a real estate fund manager or issuer of interests in a real estate fund pool, we will confirm that all securities conditions were satisfied or offered under the appropriate exemption.

For the individual client who is interested in real estate fund like capabilities while maintaining more control over their money outside of the typical investor pool, our real estate fund of funds solution might be right for you. Maximize your wealth as an Inner Circle Member today.