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Real Estate and Business Life

At HK Creative Investments we are passionate about real estate and business solutions.

In one form or another, much of the world’s wealth is tied up in real estate. We know real estate is a large part of any successful person’s portfolio and an important part of continued success is good business.

Hi…my name is Harry. In a nutshell, I operate a TurnKey real estate company. It wasn’t always that way though.

I earned my ranking in business as the past owner of a high tech private dental practice. From a business perspective, back then I probably did more things wrong than I did right.

After spending a couple million dollars within a few short years on business expenditures, I fully realized the importance of real estate…especially cash flow real estate.

Why? Because that service based business owned no real estate at the time, all of the “assets” went home each night, weekends and holidays.

The one thing I did right, however, was create a system that I could take with me no matter what business I owned or operated. That system today is called TurnKey 137.

Whether selling property, investing in real estate or providing private lending solutions, our clients and partners benefit from this past decade long business experience I possess.

Real estate and business today have a completely new face…unrecognizable from anything pre-2005.

Our vision is simple…
Happiness through learning and financial wellness
Our mission is reasonable…
While maximizing Investor returns, we offer TurnKey real estate solutions
Our product is practical…
A boutique firm specializing in private wealth solutions for Sellers, Investors and Real estate professionals

I believe the single most important factor in real estate or any business is the right team of people. Teamwork makes your dream work. A close second is internet technology.

Not only do we coordinate the effort of top industry specialists, HK Creative Investments reinvests in internet systems technology to continually make our business system competitive.

Keep in mind when I use the word ‘business’ I imply the entire business process…from client marketing, sales and fulfillment. Alongside the other responsibilities inherent in running a business like employee training, quality control, asset protection and etc.

I have experience in all of the above…which is rare today. In other words, the new trend for many companies is to perform the marketing and maybe sales.

Companies can sidestep the fulfillment phase because companies today resort their business strategy to affiliate marketing someone else’s product. In short, they do not create or produce what they are marketing or selling; therefore, lessening their fulfillment (install or delivery) responsibilities.

In fact, this above scenario describes your typical real estate broker’s role. A real estate broker will typically focus on the duty of marketing property they had no role in constructing or managing.

This is not necessarily a bad strategy…maybe even wise.

Now, HK Creative Investments is not a real estate brokerage; that said I have a state of Illinois real estate broker’s license…used when needed.

The problem remains if you do not have authority to make decisions over creation or production of the product you sell, then how can you control its quality? How can you file for patent and intellectual property rights?

Single Best Investment…

At HK Creative Investments, we believe the single best investment you can make remains personally owning a business (aka. private family office). The second best investment you can make is real estate.

If your business is mainly real estate…even better yet.

What’s the point and why should you keep reading?

Because as good as real estate is, there is no better investment than you investing in your own business or businesses.

In fact, the internal rate of return on that business investment could be substantially more rewarding than investing in any real estate or in any real estate fund; assuming you structure and execute the business properly…especially the debt.

Rule #1…

So Rule #1 is invest in real estate only if your current business doesn’t need the money or financially is at a level where outside real estate investment is now required to preserve and grow your existing wealth.

Rule #2…

If you have large sums of money already, despise dealing with day to day business operations and instead prefer to take a more passive role in ongoing wealth building…then Rule #2 is invest in real estate (or any asset) when it is in its cycle.

Just remember to underwrite the opportunity carefully.

What do I mean by underwrite?

Basically, be sure the risk mitigation plan and the collateral are sufficient to hedge yourself against the downside…especially when debt financing is part of the equation.

Why? Because deciding to take a more passive role under Rule #2 gives you less control over the outcome. In short, your investment could go to zero with you having little control over the result.

This again brings us back to the relative safety of cash flow real estate.

Luckily, TurnKey 137 offers you real estate investment with little to no work while giving you more control over the outcome and your financial future. Our Inner Circle Membership is a real estate business solution that lets you take advantage of Rule#1 and allows you more control over Rule #2 stress-free.

Real Estate Answers for Sellers

We buy your property directly from you…no need to look any further. We can help you identify which of the five ways to sell property best suits your needs.

We specialize in the Chicago neighborhoods of the Loop, Lakeshore East, River North, Streeterville, Gold Coast, Old Town, Lincoln Park, East Lakeview and Museum Park…

and the San Francisco neighborhoods of Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Marina and SoMa.

Real Estate Answers for Investors

Whether it is a single client or syndication, our segregated accounts platform mitigates risk and maximizes efficiency…shop for real estate here.

Our TurnKey 137 process is ideal for a master fund, private family office or investors who wish to protect and grow their portfolio buying property and/or notes.

Whether buying bank owned property or developing raw land, our investment strategies seek security via good collateral: Single and Multi-unit property or other commercial real estate.

Real Estate Answers for Borrowers

We provide ‘first lien position’ bridge loans for quality commercial real estate deals defined by clear exit strategies. If you are a commercial property owner wanting to keep a commercial property, with good personal credit and requiring a commercial note refinance, our short keep strategy may be your ideal solution…borrow from us today.

HK Inner Circle Membership (limited availability)

Real estate made easy with 1 common vision for 3 core companies offering 7 strategic solutions.

We left no stone unturned…vertically integrated real estate solutions with the private client in mind. Simplify your life as one of our Inner Circle Members. Contact our real estate firm today.

Real Estate