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Most companies are busy trying to solve yesterday’s problems. We believe investment and real estate tomorrow will be more complex than it is today. Shift your risk and maximize your wealth with investment and real estate solutions mindful of tomorrow’s challenges.

Adapt by investing in knowledge. Continual learning is the key to investment success. That is why at HK Creative Investments, we care to educate others on how things work.

In short…learn the rules of the game.

Do you know why central banking and asset protection matter in real estate today more than ever before?

Whether you are selling property or interested in real estate investment, win by knowing the real estate supply chain and the three ways to determine a real estate assets market value.

Wealth is created and destroyed in cycles. Well actually, wealth is really only transferred…not destroyed. So what does this imply for any investment?

Simple… protect your investment and your family by understanding the money creation process, how the U.S. Treasury creates debt out of thin air and how banks later pyramid that debt through fractional reserve lending.

Not knowing this process will leave your investment on the wrong side of the log.

In other words, the flat return on your investment will have lost all future buying power to a prior undervalued investment…and that is assuming you didn’t get sunk losing all your money.

This fiat money creation process remains one legal way the government can steal wealth from the general public through price inflation. The other way is for the government to force the general public to turn their investment in to the government.


This is exactly what happened in April 1933 when Franklin D. Roosevelt passed an order for the general public to relinquish their gold to the U.S. Government. Failure to do so would result in a fine of $10,000 or imprisonment up to 10 years; or both.

Folks making the wiser and safer investment decision in gold during the FDR administration had wealth robbed by the government ordinance to confiscate gold.

Wow…governments can confiscate wealth? You better believe it. The American Government did it again during the Great Recession. This time around it was real estate.

In 2010 the Obama administration created a program that only allowed non-profit organizations to access bank owned property to the exclusion of the general public. The investment money provided to the non-profits was funded by government money printing (still being paid for by the American tax payer).

The Funny Thing…

What’s funny was that billions of investment dollars (non-tax payer dollars) already existed in the market to buy real estate at the time...real money.

Instead of allowing all to participate and promote a real estate recovery, the Obama administration’s program ‘printed’ money (which means they borrowed) out of thin air to provide the investment capital for these non-profit organizations to exist and to buy real estate.

In case you were wondering, the name of that program was called the FHA First Look Initiative.

It was a government intervention investment approach to stabilize and control housing prices. Not to mention the government now had claim to more real estate they could leverage (along with the confiscated gold stored at Fort Knox since 1933).

At HK Creative Investments, we believe all history is a lie except when viewed from the ‘lenses’ of monetary history.

The Little Guy…

All private investment during the Great Recession (hundreds of billions of dollars) was sidelined because of the government’s heightened role in everyone’s daily life. Whereas in generations past the ‘little guy’ was able to use real estate investment as a way to supplement their income or even become a millionaire, this historic period of government programs and regulation made it impossible for any ‘little guy’ to even know where to begin investment.

Not to mention, these so-called investment decisions by the government resulted in the ‘little guy’ paying the price more than ever before. In a nutshell, all of the core necessities in life would cost more; conversely all of the items the ‘little guy ‘does not need for survival became cheaper for a while.

The Greatest Trick…

The highest crime ever committed on the ‘little guy’ remains the flagrant debasing (printing) of money to rob investment opportunity from the general public. What does this mean in simple terms?

Simple…The ‘little guy’ does not have access to investment opportunity that company’s like HK Creative Investments or certain others do.

Therefore, it remains of critical importance that cash the ‘little guy’ holds in their wallet will actually be worth something not only today…but tomorrow too.

The greatest trick ever played on the ‘little guy’ is government money printing.

Unfortunately, the ‘little guy’ has no clue how this process even works. The ‘big guy’ actually benefits during this government irresponsibility because the ‘big guy’ can position their investment in areas that benefit from price inflation…wealth transfer.

These are not political arguments…these are facts. Whether you agree or not is your personal choice. Ignore the facts and you will lose money.

You may be asking yourself where to position your next investment? Oil? Stocks? Real estate? Gold and Silver? The Internet?

That is a great question. Just know that the government and the Fed are responsible for creating the ‘booms’ and the ‘busts.’ Whether it is intended or not, the net effect is wealth ending up in the hands of the big banks and ultimately the government.

Just as important to creating ‘booms’ and ‘busts’ are demographic spending and investment trends.

The Solution…

The good news is…you can position your investment to benefit from this wealth transfer. One great way to do this of course is with cash flow real estate. Another great way (for some a better way) is an investment in your own business.

By knowing the basics, you can position your investment so wealth is transferred toward you and your family for generations. By not knowing the basics, you can position yourself to aimlessly work for the rest of your life.

Assuming one has the right team; real estate investment can be a great way to hedge against inflation, protect and grow wealth. Contact us for real estate and investment solutions today.