A business strategy designed to promote health, wellness and real estate.

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If you're a start-up business or new to the internet, then start with a simple 1-page website so you can save money & time.


    Consultant Harry Kunelis

    "Here at HK, we believe the most valuable asset in your portfolio is your health. The second most valuable asset in your portfolio—if you're a business owner—is your business. Then of course, comes quality real estate." - Harry Kunelis, DDS


    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What do you do?

    I’m a middleman. A middleman between you and your end result. Luxury real estate, business development and peak health are my core. What makes me unique is I don’t accept every work request that comes my way. And I remain intimately involved in each client’s case progression. You don’t get handed-off to never hear from me again.

    What real estate services do you offer?

    My team and I offer cutting edge downtown Chicago luxury property services. HK Luxury Realty is a boutique division of HK Creative Investments. Our ideal customer is: first-time home buyers, relocations, investors, sellers and landlords. What makes us unique is we use four separate methods to appraise and underwrite real estate; whereas the competition only uses one outdated method. Not only that, we are digital marketing experts. With reach from Chicago to Shanghai.

    What business services do you offer?

    My team and I offer single page website design and branding; on up to full business process consulting services. Our ideal customer is: start-ups, professional services providers (eg. dentists, lawyers or etc) and big businesses looking to descale a single solution and then rescale it quickly.

    What life solutions do you offer?

    I educate on my HK Peak Performance success method. My ideal client is: premier athletes, entrepreneurs and chronic headache pain sufferers. What makes me unique is I focus on the link between your bite, posture and airway. So you can achieve peak performance in your life. This solution is currently by my invitation only. Likewise, I only recommend a select handful of leading airway specialists and clinicians. We’re like the Navy Seals.

    How do you get paid?

    On the real estate agency side, we get paid in realtor commissions when a home is bought or sold. For business development consulting, we work on a one-time flat fee. If you request ongoing business marketing & management services, then we can arrange a recurring monthly plan for you—based on scope of services.